Red Cross in need of volunteers for Irma relief efforts


Miami-Dade school chief Alberto Carvalho blamed the chaos surrounding setting up shelters for Hurricane Irma's on the Red Cross, saying they "didn't show up" in some instances to manage the crush of storm refugees, reports the Miami Herald.

"American Red Cross is down here with 1,000 volunteers we've had 8 to 9,000 additional people agree to volunteer, I need a total of about 17,000 volunteers", Scott announced this morning on "GMA".

The American Red Cross is preparing for an influx of people seeking shelter from Florida and Georgia.

Tom Hess, of Robbins, who has been a Red Cross volunteer for nearly 30 years, was stationed in Beaumont, Texas, just east of Houston, as of Monday.

Like others with the Red Cross, Hess expects the need for help to last for some time.

The expedited training sessions are going on over the next three weeks across the state. "Everyone went home safely", she said. Saturday's training was a mixture of new volunteers, eager to help and some just returning from Texas, helping to get them ready.

"We've always found the people of northwest OH and southeast MI to be extremely generous and supportive", he said.

"We're still trying to sort out the situation down there", Baumgartner said in a telephone call Monday afternoon from Orlando in central Florida.

"The waters are really really high in a lot of places", said Rosalind Scott. "Location and assignments can change at any time, depending on the need and you may not be in an areas with cell phone service so, make sure your family knows that".

As Hurricane Irma approached the southeastern USA, 7-Eleven pledged last week a $150,000 donation to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Irma disaster relief efforts.