Pedernales Electric Cooperative Sends 21 Employees To Restore Power In Florida


Employees from Dominion Energy and several electric cooperatives across Virginia are heading south to help with recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Crews from 30 states and Canada are in Florida or on the way to help restore the power.

The cooperatives are part of a state and national network of hundreds of cooperatives.

As of Tuesday morning, the Electric Cooperatives report about 44,000 outages in the state's 46 counties.

In Florida, Hurricane Irma caused more than 5.5 million people to lose power by Monday morning, according to news accounts.

But, he said, the crews -who typically serve multiple northeast IN counties, including southern Allen County - like helping storm-torn areas. Electric co-ops in Louisiana and MS have also returned help in Missouri, helping to restore power after ice storms in 2007 and 2009. With the storm passed, some crews have already left and others are making final preparations to leave for hard-hit Florida and Georgia.

"We take care of needs at home first, but our crews are eager to help those in need", said Brett Abplanalp, CEO of Decatur County REMC.

"We invite you to keep these co-op heroes in your thoughts and prayers", says Callis, "Today they are lacing up their boots, leaving their families and heading to a hard and risky environment".

The Indiana mutual aid program is coordinated by Indiana Electric Cooperatives' job training and safety department.