Panel sets timelines for fixing GSTN glitches


He has informed that 47 lakh dealers had filed 3B summery returns in July and in August over 3 lakh dealers have filed summery returns.

Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi appealed to dealers to not wait till the last day to file returns.

"Infosys have given us updates and a timeframe by which date, which thing will be implemented, which thing can be improved and I think by October 30, we will be able to solve 70-80 per cent of the problems", Modi said.

Somesh Kumar said that Telangana had highlighted that data pertaining to the State, especially on returns and registrations, has to be shared on a daily basis, which was accepted by the council meeting.

The panel of ministers set up to review the functioning of the IT network for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has set timelines for fixing the issues affecting the GSTN (Goods & Services Tax Network). "So, there are a few glitches initially", said Modi, who attended nearly all tax related meetings during 2007-13.

The group of Ministers has consulted IT solution vendors, tax consultants and experts, commercial tax officials, bankers and big companies to flag the issues coming in the way of smooth filing of GST returns. The total number of registrants under GST is 85 lakh, which includes about 23.18 lakh new taxpayers and 62.25 lakh taxpayers who have migrated from the earlier VAT, excise and service tax regime.

Appealing to dealers to file their tax returns in advance to avoid a last minute rush, he said glitches had developed in the GSTN software owing to the huge pressure on it with people rushing to file their GSTR-3B return.

While the government has said that glitches encountered by taxpayers were due to overload on the system, businesses have complained about the frequent breakdowns in the IT network. "Don't wait for the last date", said Modi.

"All decisions taken today, time line and implementation of problems will be discussed again in the next meeting". GSTR-3, which is the match of GSTR-1 and GSTR-2, was needed to be filed by September 30. "The attempt was to work around the difficulties to eliminate problems, leading to better understanding of all stakeholders". In the meantime we have extended the time for GSTR-3B for six months.