Officials ready to discuss Gennady Golovkin-Canelo Alvarez rematch


After the disappointing result in a fight most boxing purists felt was supposed to re-establish the legitimacy of their sport following the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor spectacle of last month, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) voiced their continued support for Byrd, whose judging saw her as the sole disagreeing score in six split decisions in MMA past year according to MMA Decisions.

The two battled like veterans in the ring and delivered a fight for the ages. Canelo razzled with power shots, combinations and excellent footwork that left GGG without a target. And I went back and looked at some of her other fights and she was way off base on them, too. But I think Gennady and Canelo owe the fans the rematch and, frankly, for the sport of boxing to right to the bad decision we saw last Saturday.

"I don't know anything about that".

"Obviously, we're going to give Canelo some time off and we'll start talking to him as well. I feel frustrated over this draw".

"When "Triple G" got "Canelo" to the ropes, he still boxed from a distance because he has an Eastern European influence on his style, not just Mexican," said Kellerman of Golovkin, who is trained by Mexican coach Abel Sanchez. "If somebody had Canelo winning the fight 115-113, I could see that". Then I was building from there.

Alvarez also seems keen, adding: "Yes, of course, obviously yes, if the people want it, yes". You could have given the first three rounds to "Canelo", or two out of the three. "He stated. Whatever the people want, that is what we are going to do [next]", he said. "I want to thank all my fans for supporting me". However, critics argue that he has never really defeated a quality fighter in his prime.

"Look at my belts. I'm still the champion".

"There's no problem with that, but I would rather we do the rematch directly because I would hate for him take another fight and get injured or lose". Some believe the draw is righteous while others believe it should have been in favor of Golovkin.

Golovkin was robbed of a victory seeing as he was the aggressor and because he landed more hits. Toe-to-toe exchanges and a mix of inside scrapping and aggressive outside measuring made these two rounds the highlights of an all-star fight.

In a shocking turn of events, the match ended in a draw after judge Adalaide Byrd inexplicably awarded a 118-110 decision to Alvarez, despite Golovkin landing over an overwhelming number of more punches than his counterpart for 10 of the 12 rounds.

ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas was not shy in airing his displeasure with the scoring.

From the moment the 118-110 score was read, fans and insiders have excoriated Adalaide Byrd, calling her either corrupt or inept.