Nintendo to host 45-minute Direct broadcast this week


So far Nintendo has stated that we can expect more details of Super Mario: Odyssey ahead of its 27 October release.

New exclusives coming up along with Super Mario Odyssey include Pokken Tournament DX, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors. It's a pretty hefty amount as we'll get a peek at many Switch and 3DS titles.

We can only hope for a Nintendo Direct filled to the brim with exciting announcements!

As rumored, Nintendo will indeed be hosting a new Nintendo Direct live stream this week.

Nintendo doesn't tend to hold a Nintendo Direct all that often in September. As always, there will be new details on their upcoming titles for Nintendo 3DS and Switch. Typically, these Directs happen earlier in the morning Pacific time, but this one will be happening at 3p.m. PDT/6p.m. EDT.

The number of yearly Direct streams fluctuates from year to year but, generally, they've increased in number since 2011.

The upcoming Direct, as always, will be available to watch on the official direct website, as well as Nintendo's YouTube channel.