Nintendo president on Super Nintendo fiasco: It was 'outside our control'


According to Reggie, Nintendo was not holding back the stock on goal to create an artificial scarcity and added that they didn't produce enough units because retro consoles from other companies were not selling well which indicated that NES CLassic will also not sell well.

The Super NES Classic Edition is out on September 29 and Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime really doesn't want you to pay too much for it. Nintendo claimed that the console was gone quickly because of a bot that placed online orders faster than humans could. According to Fils-Aime, the problem with manufacturing more consoles can not be traced to a shortage of any single component.

While Nintendo hasn't given any actual figures for how many consoles it will manufacture, the company has said that it will be shipping the product from 29th September through the end of the year and that it's "dramatically increased" production of the SNES mini over its NES-based predecessor. According to him, there will be enough SNES Classic consoles to grab, so no one has to resort to auction sites.

While it's nice to hear that Nintendo is doing all they can to manufacture more Switch units, the truth of the matter is that Super Mario Odyssey is coming and some prospective Switch owners are going to be left out in the cold come winter.

Fils-Aime goes on to say that people should resist the temptation to shell out to scalpers on sites like eBay.

Speaking of the upcoming Retro console, Nintendo has revealed that SNES Classic is a form of a virtual console. Can we do more?

It's not easy to find a Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo wants you to know that they can't guarantee that it's going to get any easier.

The Nintendo Switch has been heavily in demand since its March release, with many places experiencing stock shortages around the world due to a diminishing supply chain.