National Farmers Union Opposes Health Care Bill


Klobuchar, a Democrat, teams up tonight with Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, introduced a separate "Medicare for all" bill this month. GOP leaders have aggressively courted Murkowski, who voted against a previous repeal bill in July and has withheld support for Graham-Cassidy.

NPR reports that Senate Republicans must act on the bill by Saturday due to special rules regarding filibusters, but the bill is still in danger of falling short of the votes it needs to pass.

Republican Reps. Dave Reichert and Jaime Herrera Beutler joined six Democrats in the House delegation to vote against a plan narrowly passed in Congress' lower chamber. "So I don't think it's the answer".

GOP senators' opposition to their party's drive to scrap President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act swelled to lethal numbers Sunday. "It's failing the very people it promised to help". "Now when it matters because you have a president who's actually going to sign it, they don't do it", he said.

Sen. Jerry Moran has said he is undecided on the bill.

Republicans are facing a September 30 deadline to pass a repeal bill by a simple majority. Bill Cassidy, M.D., R-Louisiana, and Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, would deal a devastating blow to vulnerable patients in Arizona. It was unclear whether he was referring to an updated version of the bill. I'm guessing there will be another formula food fight and they'll try to claw back the money to their states.

It would also let states raise limits the current law has placed on consumers' out-of-pocket costs. But several national health policy experts roundly criticized those estimates as being inacurrate because they don't factor in changes to the Medicaid funding formula that would result in spending cuts.

The Congressional Budget Office was expected to release a preliminary analysis of the original Graham-Cassidy proposal late Monday.

The bill "block grants the Obamacare money, but keeps it, but then it takes it from big states like California and NY and Maryland and MA - which just happen to be Democratic states - and passes it out to all of the Republican states", said Paul.

The bill sponsored by Sens.

US Republicans have made changes to their new bill to replace Obamacare, hoping to keep it alive after being rejected by Republican bigwigs like Senators Arizona Senator John McCain.

The bill will provide the states with more funding in the form of block grants and say over how they run their healthcare programs. Mike Lee, R-Utah, was supporting the bill either.