Montgomery Gentry singer dies in chopper crash


In 1990, the duo that would become Montgomery Gentry first took shape: That year, Eddie Montgomery formed a band with his brother, singer-songwriter John Michael Montgomery, and Troy Gentry.

The airport houses a resort and was scheduled to host a concert by Montgomery Gentry Friday night.

Montgomery Gentry's music was far-reaching, with acclaimed poet Maya Angelou inviting the duo to open for her when she played the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in 2007. The themes of pride in the country lifestyle, small towns, and the military were recurring themes in the duo's music.

Two people are dead after a helicopter crashed at the Flying W Airport Friday afternoon, officials said. In 2016 Montgomery Gentry left Blaster Records and returned to Average Joes. It also said another person on the aircraft was killed, but there were no immediate details. They were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2009.

"I'm so thankful that I got to see Troy Gentry 3 weeks ago and tell him I loved him", Travis Tritt said, then followed up with several other posts.

Gentry, 50, was killed hours before the band was set to hit the stage - a second home for the singer and guitarist from Kentucky.

He said crews were able to remove the country star from the wreckage, but he died on the way to the hospital.

Montgomery Gentry signed to Columbia Nashville in 1999.

"All those cats; and they weren't about No 1 hits all the time", Mr Gentry said in an interview posted to his website.

Gentry has been survived by his wife named Angie and he also has two daughters. The family thanked everyone for their kind words and prayers in a statement shared on social media. "Everyone who makes country music with grace, intelligence, and ageless intent will do so while standing on the shoulders of this gentle giant".