Metallica, Logic & More Participate in Mental Health Awareness Campaign


World Suicide Prevention Day aims to raise awareness and engage in conversation so that people can be saved.

Southern District Health Board mental health, addictions and intellectual disability directorate medical director Dr Brad Strong said the SDHB continued to work with regional and national agencies to ensure people could live supported and hopeful lives through the support of health services and the people around them.

To continue this trend, New Jersey officials will host a day-long conference on Tuesday, titled "Take a minute, change a life", at which almost 300 stakeholders - including suicide survivors - are slated to discuss efforts to better understand and reduce these deaths.

If you think that a loved one or a friend may be contemplating suicide, don't be afraid to ask them, he says. Last week, a 16-year-old Tuen Mun student who was said to have performed well academically jumped to his death.

The military isn't the kind of environment where you feel like you can openly talk about your problems. Talking about suicide helps save lives.

On Saturday, Ulrich with her family and friends were one of the largest teams to walk. I hope that as I learn, I can take you as the reader along with me on this journey. People may become overwhelmed by depression and life's stressors and feel there is no way out, and they do not have the coping skills to handle what is going on in their lives. It doesn't come to a selected lot. "You can still function but it's never the same", she said. She said the suicide caused her family to turn their sadness toward a cause.

If you know someone who is feeling depressed, always ask them if they are feeling suicidal and if they have a plan. Offering a gentle word of support and listening in a non-judgemental way can go a long way. Allow them to talk their hearts out without judging them or criticising their actions or thoughts. That is the best thing you could do to them. Don't try to argue or disagree with their feelings by trivialising the issue and saying things like, 'Look on the bright side'. "Sometimes it takes people time, and that's okay".

Conducted since mid-July by the Civil Alliance for Student Suicide Prevention, the survey is ongoing but analyses of the 631 questionnaires collected so far showed about 90 per cent of the respondents, mainly comprising parents and pupils, wanted "standard study hours" to be implemented to help ease schoolchildren's stress.

Cobler's son Dalton Cobler died by suicide June 18, 2014, just weeks after he graduated as the valedictorian at Florence High School. "This could only help aggravate their mental state". But then, hey, you see what they are up to on Facebook or other social media.

"Family and friends should make sure they are surrounded with love and understanding". Share a helpline number with them.

"This year's theme encourages everyone to devote time and reach out for those who need someone to talk to and allow them to express themselves and their story in their own way and at their own pace..." "Keep it as informal as possible".