Mercedes-Benz Unveils GLC Fuel Cell — FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW


"By 2022 Mercedes-Benz Cars will have launched more than ten all-electric vehicles on the market, and the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA proves that we are serious about introducing electric mobility throughout the portfolio", he says. With 4.4 kg of hydrogen on board, the preproduction model produces enough energy for a range of up to 437 km or about 280 miles in the NEDC. It should still move around to act like a normal GLC pretty well, because its electric motor delivers 197 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque - the instant kind. It generates electricity on its own to directly drive the electric motor or to recharge the lithium-ion battery packs, emitting nothing but water vapor. GLC F-Cell buyers will have 147 kW of power on tap, which converts to about 200hp. The range will extend to around 250 miles, again dependent on the battery capacity installed.

The first production model of the new Mercedes EQ product brand, the EQC, is due to be built at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen, Germany from 2019, and will be based on the Concept EQ first seen in Paris a year ago.

The emphasis inside the GLC F-Cell, however, is on normality: the interior can barely be distinguished from that of a standard gasoline GLC, one of the luxury brand's most popular models in North America.

Another major advance is a significant reduction in production costs as the amount of platinum used in the fuel cell has been slashed by 90 per cent. Mercedes notes that compared to the B-class F-Cell vehicle that has been available since 2010, the GLC F-Cell has a drive system with 40% more output and up to 30% more compact than before.

Differences compared to a conventionally powered Mercedes-Benz GLC-class are few, with the only significant packaging changes being a slightly higher rear seat and a stepped cargo floor to accommodate the hydrogen tanks.

The electric drivetrain is a 13.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery which has a 49 km range on a single charge. And finally, Charge mode uses the hydrogen supply to recharge the battery pack once it's depleted.

The GLC F-Cell features easy-to-read gauges to check vital information about the operation of the vehicle.

Inside, the GLC F-Cell will debut Mercedes' new multifunction touchpad, which recognizes most of the world's hand-writing styles and can be operated either with one finger or many.