Kristen Bell stranded in Florida with senior citizens, joins "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"


Bell also introduced Kimmel to her "side piece" John, who sung a duet with the Frozen star earlier in the week.

Turns out that Kristen Bell is the friend anyone would want to have during an emergency, as the actress has proven this week during Hurricane Irma and its aftermath.

She gave Jimmy Kimmel a live update on the situation down there and apparently everyone is doing as great as those Instagrams would suggest.

In the call to Kimmel, John played the part beautifully, noting that it wasn't just Bell whose attention he'd grabbed this weekend.

Looks like Bell and the hotel staff are bringing plenty of moments of levity to what could have been a much more dire situation. After sharing her adventures with her new friends on Instagram, Jimmy Kimmel caught up with Kristen via video on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! to see how the motley crew were faring in their swanky digs.

"Gary's been running the roost over here, and Gary is exhausted because he's been running toilet paper to people's rooms at 2 in the morning, handing out water - anything you need!"

'I'll never be the same, ' he added, prompting both Jimmy and Kristen to burst out laughing.

When Kimmel asked John how he was doing, he replied, "I'm swarmed under with handsome women, lovely women!"

The actress then panned the camera around to show the people who had gathered at the hotel to wait out the storm.

As she's told us through Twitter posts and pictures, she's been keeping pretty busy. Bell also befriended John, one of the seniors staying there, and the two have been singing together.