Jim Carrey Gives Bizarre Interview at NYFW Event


He never really did explain why he chose to spend the evening at an apparently pointless New York Fashion Week event, dressed in a standout blue, black and silver suit.

The interview was abnormal straight off the bat, with the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind actor circling E! He is a amusing man, after all.

Movie actor and comedian Jim Carrey is being lauded by some for a very weird interview in which he appears to mock Hollywood's penchant for self-aggrandizement, but ends up saying nothing matters. However, others were concerned that this reflected his well-documented mental health struggles. Some compared him to troubled stars that we lost like Robin Williams. News reporter during a disjointed, awkward interview on Friday at a Harper's Bazaar party in honor of Icons by Carine Roitfeld. "He looks terrible! Does he eat?!?" a concerned user tweeted, while another fan added, "I live in constant fear that Jim Carrey might kill himself".

"It's kind of an interesting perspective on what came from losing yourself in a character, and realising you're a character who has been playing you your whole life", Carrey said. News reporter Catt Sadler as she approached him.

"Oh wow, okay", says Sadler. She stood there and made odd faces at the camera while Jim Carrey was being Jim Carrey. After being asked if he believes in icons, the comedian replied, "Boy, that is just the absolute lowest-aiming possibility that we could come up with. I don't believe in personalities", he shared.

But then, it just starts to turn really odd, as Jim turns and says, "There's no meaning to any of this", before trailing off on a tangent. He exclaimed that "Jim Carrey didn't exist at that time", and he spoke of being "nothing".

Jim Carrey had a hard life.

"OK!" she said, giving in. He may have to attend trial next year. The actor looks back on his overall career arc, his and Kaufman's similar backgrounds and his experiences channeling both the avant-garde comic and his loud-mouthed lounge singer alter-ego character, Tony Clifton. It was recently announced that his Showtime series, I'm Dying Up Here, was renewed for a second season.