IOS 11 GM leak confirms D22 "iPhone 8" features


The iPod Touch 6th generation will also be able to take advantage of the new software. Rummaging through the leaked files reveals a great deal about the upcoming iPhones, and even some awesome new wallpapers designed specifically for OLED displays.

It is learnt that Portrait Lighting could indeed be an integrated feature of the iPhone's camera flash for taking stills and videos.

The enhanced version of Portrait mode could be launched as a beta feature with the forthcoming flagship iPhone release. This gives the iPhone better white balancing as Apple moves to an organic light emitting diode (OLED) panel. 9to5Mac has also discovered a few new camera modes, including native support for 4K 60 fps recording and 1080p 240 fps recording.

Portrait Lighting is one of the new enhanced features found in iOS 11 and it is based on the original Portrait mode effect on iPhones for creating DSLR-like shots, using depth of field under varying lighting conditions.

Consequently, the new button mechanism has been linked to the Accessibility settings to support varying speeds of the double and triple click while also supporting quick launch options for Siri and Face ID, using this special button feature. The iOS 11 GM also corroborates that leak. To commemorate this event, Apple will launch a special edition called the iPhone 8, which will be the most advanced, futuristic and priciest iPhone made till date.

The new AirPods animation shows a new design for the AirPod case, which now has a power indicator on the front rather than inside the charging cradle.

The Apple Watch app appears to feature an image of the next-gen smartwatch.

Previously details have been unveiled by the leaked HomePod firmware but this time around iOS has prematurely offered us official information about the upcoming smartphone. Looking closer at the image reveals what could be indicators for cellular signal strength, confirming that an LTE-enabled Apple Watch is indeed on the way. This could also end up being called the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten), as was previously rumored, to honor the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone.