Honda reveals new EV Concept at Frankfurt


Honda revealed a small electric concept with a slight throwback vibe Tuesday at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With low, wide proportions and a compact body sitting 100mm shorter than something like a Jazz, there are hints of Honda's glory days in the Urban EV when its engineering was the envy of American and German brands.

"This is not some vision of the distant future", said Honda Motor Co. The result, to be fired out and into production in 2019, is the Urban EV Concept by Honda.

No range is quoted for the concept, which does lead to some concern - combined with the urban billing and Honda's reluctance to launch a proper electric auto up until now, we're hoping Honda won't give the vehicle a token sub-100 mile range, adequate though it might be for purely urban drivers.

There's no word on range, but that shouldn't stop United States residents from hassling Honda to get the Urban EV Concept to our shores.

While there's no timeline on when Honda will build a production version of this, here's hoping that it happens in the very near future.

A Honda badge on the front glows blue, while a display between the front lights can show greetings, advice for other road users or charging status.

We've looked at this concept a little bit in the past, including this technology from BMW, - the opportunity to use your electric vehicle as more than just a device that moves you around.

A touch of wood, natural grey fabric, relatively few buttons and a retractable rear seatbelts all contribute to a well-thought out and promising cabin for the driver and passengers. The dash houses a steering wheel column, a set of simple control buttons, and a panoramic display screen that runs from door-to-door atop the dash and behind the center console.

Honda is not quoting details of the EV Urban Concept's performance or its range yet, but it will no doubt take advantage of the Power Manager Concept also launched at the Frankfurt show.