Florida Sets Emergency Generator Rules for Nursing Homes


Another 115 residents were evacuated from the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills.

"These people are basically prisoners in their own homes", said Pembroke Pines City Manager Charlie Dodge.

Scott says in a statement that the state has had multiple points of contact with the facility before the Wednesday discovery of deaths.

Hollywood Police Chief Tom Sanchez said investigators believe the deaths at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills were heat-related, and added: "The building has been sealed off and we are conducting a criminal investigation". "We are devastated by these losses". Several other residents are reported to be in critical condition.

But on some other quality indicators, the nursing home was below average. Residents were advised to boil water before drinking. The first occurred Tuesday at the facility; that individual had a "do not resuscitate" order and the deceased was transferred to a funeral home, but authorities have now retrieved the body.

Authorities are now questioning how the conditions at the nursing home lasted for so long.

The governor's office said Friday that the calls were made to a cellphone controlled by Scott's office, but confirmed Saturday the nursing home called the governor's personal cellphone. It shouldn't be up to administrators in nursing homes to make those judgemental calls.

The nursing home had been without air conditioning after Hurricane Irma knocked out electricity in the area.

In a notes field, it states: "Have spot coolers and fans".

"As ANY health care provider knows to do, if their patients are in danger - they MUST call 911", Scott said in a written statement. It continued making calls on Monday and Tuesday, including to the electric utility.

In a statement released after 6 p.m. Friday, the Florida Department of Health said it was "100 percent the responsibility of health care professionals to preserve life by acting in the best interest of the health and well-being of their patients".

Within the next 60 days, all assisted-living facilities and nursing homes must obtain a generator and enough fuel to sustain operations and maintain comfortable temperatures for at least 96-hours after a power outage. He said: "If you go back into the 1930s and the 1940s, and you take a look, we've had storms over the years that have been bigger than this".

"That's another question for the state agencies that regulate these nursing homes". In both instances, the nursing home corrected these deficiencies.

Federal law now requires that nursing homes be kept between 71 and 81 degrees and have a backup power source in case of emergency.

Video from above the scene shows the buildings residents sitting on wheelchairs outside the nursing home.

Since Irma made landfall on Sunday, 13 people in Florida have been killed in storm-related circumstances - in some cases during the cleanup efforts - in addition to those who died at the nursing home.

In Florida, rising temperatures and a lack of power have made it especially hard for seniors and children in the days since Irma. After the air conditioning went down, staff set up "mobile cooling units and fans to cool the facility", Carballo said.

Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills left messages on the cellphone that were referred to two other agencies, the governor's office said. The power generator was working, and the staff stocked up on seven days' worth of food and water.

By Wednesday evening, the state had issued an emergency moratorium on the facility admitting new patients, and Hollywood Police were investigating whether any laws had been broken.

The president couldn't resist injecting a political flavor into his visit, telling reporters in Fort Myers that he was hopeful that Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a two-term Republican, would run for the Senate, where Democrat Bill Nelson is up for re-election next year. "If they find that this facility was not meeting the state's high standards of care, they will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law".

Hollywood Hill's proximity to Memorial Regional was one of reasons Gail Nova stayed there, her son Jeffrey said, so she could seek care as she needed it.

Veroy's father had a 102-degree temperature, she said.

Later that day, the center discovered a tree had landed on a transformer and reported that to the county, which in turn alerted FPL, Sharief said.

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