Florida Nursing Home to Be Terminated as Medicaid Provider


The facility's owners, Larkin Community Hospital and Jack Michel, MD, have a history of health care fraud charges, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Officials had previously reported six deaths at the nursing home.

Gov. Rick Scott ordered an emergency moratorium on Wednesday to prevent the facility from admitting new patients. The hurricane left ten million people without electricity in #Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

According to Tomas Sanchez, Hollywood Police Chief, the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills has been sealed, and local police have started a criminal investigation after the death of the patients, BBC reported. They do not, however, represent the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills.

How hot did it get inside the nursing home? There have also been some statements by nursing home groups and regulators and even some government officials.

State records revealed a variety of problems at the center.

The Florida Department of Health also rejected responsibility for the incident.

Officials said temperatures soared inside the Rehabilitation Centre at Hollywood Hills, 20 miles north of Miami, after enduring a "prolonged power failure" to the transformer that powered the air conditioning units.

Carvelli found staff members proactive after they evacuated his mother.

In describing the video, which Veroy said was taken by her sister, Veroy said her parents are uncomfortable in the heat.

Three of those who died were in their nineties, including 99-year-old Albertina Vega. Both of her parents are still being treated after the ordeal, but she said she does not know which facility she will place them in when they are discharged soon.

SHAPIRO: Well, Eli Pina, thank you very much for telling us your story. That was followed an hour later by a second call regarding a resident who was having trouble breathing.

"(We) quickly identified some issues inside the facility with fire rescue and immediately evacuated the building", Katz said.

In Palm Beach County, a woman died and three men were in critical condition after authorities said carbon monoxide seeped in from a generator positioned just outside a home's garage on Thursday. "Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were affected".

Officials initially said as many as 158 people had been moved from the center; on Thursday, police clarified that 145 patients were sent to Memorial Regional Hospital - 141 from the center and four from an adjoining facility.

In all, 141 patients were evacuated from the facility.

Widespread cell service outages are understandable in the Keys and other places that took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma's punishing winds.

"Our centers' first priority is always the safety and well-being of every resident in their care and they are doing everything in their power to meet their immediate and ongoing needs", wrote the association's executive director, Kristen Knapp.

During a news conference Wednesday, FPL said that of the 4.4 million customers that were without power after Hurricane Irma, in a matter of two days more than 60 percent of that has been restored. The facility kept calling Florida Power & Light.

On Friday, parent company NextEra Energy referred CNN to a statement on its website, that says, in part: "Because of the current investigations associated with these tragic events involving the nursing home, we are limited in what we can say". The reason for the auction: The previous owner was in prison for Medicare fraud.

Update: County officials have confirmed that a sixth person has died due to heat exposure.