ESPN's Sergio Dipp 'meant no disrespect' with awkward Monday Night Football report


Seizing on both his emphasized inflection and the nervous stumbling of his lines, viewers at home quickly offered reactions on Twitter to his report.

Those follow-up replies by themselves would be a great way to tweet through the roast, but the real gem came early Tuesday morning, where Dipp posted a heartfelt clip about being proud to work for ESPN, all while remembering 9/11.

Sergio Dipp - who became famous Monday night for his epically bad "MNF" sideline report - says he wants another shot to cover the National Football League. assuring the viewers he'll do better next time!

Chicharito, Mexico's all-time leading goal-scorer, sent a message of support to Sergio Dipp, the reporter who made his Monday Night Football debut during the late game between the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers. His oddly stilted report on Broncos and Chargers coaches Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn made him an instant sensation, and he seemed at first to be taking his sudden fame in stride. There was just something endearing about him. This diversity in his background is helping him a lot tonight. "And here he is, having the time of his life this night making his head-coaching debut!" he shouted. You throw Dipp into the mix, and let's just say that most of the country probably watched the game with the sound off.

No, it was all about Sergio Dipp. " comments online. Others began lamenting the fact that Dipp was apparently not allowed back on the air".

"I love you, respect you, but mainly I really admire you, brother!" "And be sure I'll make the most out of it".

Dipp, as he mentioned, was born in Mexicali in Baja California and began working for ESPN Deportes in 2013.