Disney Streaming Service Needs 32 Million Subscribers To Break Even


Last month, The Walt Disney Company announced that it would be launching its own streaming service, and moving its Disney and Pixar movies from Netflix to its new platform.

Iger also gave new insight that Disney's streaming service will open late in 2019 and that the service will soon be looking to create their own original content. Now we know the answer: they leaving Netflix, too.

Marvel's movies, along with the Star Wars movies, will be a big loss for Netflix considering the popularity of the franchises. On top of that, the Disney-branded app will feature around four to five original TV series, and the studio will produce three to four TV movies specifically for the streaming service.

We've now decided we will put the Marvel and "Star Wars" movies on this app as well.

Mr. Iger also said Disney's earnings per share for its fiscal 2017, which ends September 30, would be roughly in line with those of fiscal 2016. Which, unfortunately, will include Star Wars films like Rogue One and Marvel movies like Captain America: Civil War.

A Netflix spokesman declined to comment. Never-before-seen stories - in the form of new movies and TV shows - will be included with Disney's service.

The company also will make four or five original series and three or four "television movies" of the type that now run on its Disney Channel, Mr. Iger said. Disney's market cap by the way is about $150 billion, so yes this deal is doable. Mr. Iger said the company will share details on how much it would spend on the service later. It will feature around "10,000 live regional, national, and worldwide games and events a year".