Detectives investigate death of woman found in hotel freezer


A 19-year-old Chicago woman was found dead in a hotel freezer on Sunday hours after her family reported her missing.

Martin said police believe that her daughter was intoxicated and, for some reason, let herself into the freezer and then was unable to open the door from the inside.

Martin was angry about what she said was hotel workers' lack of urgency in the face of her pleas for help finding her daughter Saturday morning, directing her to the police rather than immediately reviewing hotel footage.

After an 11 hour long search, hotel staff found the teenager dead in the freezer, after the police contacted the management with the required report.

The medical examiner's office says Kenneka Jenkins was found dead early Sunday morning, September 10. The friends left with Jenkins phone and in the auto Martin lent her daughter for the night.

"Yes, they've [police] looked at it and continue to look at it and all the other social media videos and posts", Gary Mack, a spokesperson for the village of Rosemont, told the Tribune. "They are leaving no stone unturned as far as trying to corral everyone they can and talk to them and interview them about what happened and what was going on that night".

The video has been viewed millions of times and shared all over social media, and many believe some form of foul play happened in the room, however, police have yet to confirm this.

Jenkins' mother said authorities told her the freezer, though in a vacant part of the hotel complex, was functioning the paper is reporting.

Kenneka Jenkins was found dead inside a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
Kenneka Jenkins was found dead inside a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Harris said the two last spoke via text message around 1:30 a.m. early Saturday, according to police, who said she filed the official report about 12 hours later.

The clip has fueled speculation online that the young woman's death was no accident, with skeptics endeavoring to decode the video and surface clues that point to a potential setup.

Also, there is an exit button inside the freezer, although it sometimes did not work properly, authorities found, according to the Associated Press.

"In law enforcement this kind of social media has become king, so everybody with a camera is a reporter now, and they're just taking it in stride as best they can", Mack said. The mother said that doesn't gel with suggestions she stumbled into the freezer on her own power. "If it was unused, I don't know". "I don't think anything has been ruled in or ruled out at this point", said Mack. The teen's body was discovered nearly 24 hours after she went missing.

Holmes described the video police said they have come across during the course of their investigation.

But how her daughter got there and the circumstances surrounding her death remain a mystery.

"As far as who found the girl's body, they're not saying on that", Mack said. And I asked them for the detective name and sergeant name...