Complaint seeks to preserve video, photos from nursing home where 8 died


On Thursday, detectives were at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills after receiving a search warrant to investigate the eight patients' deaths, which police believed were heat-related.

The 34-second recording shows a couple in a room at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills in Hollywood, with a fan sitting on a nightstand, blowing air across the room and a window cracked open slightly. Five more patients from the nursing home later died at a nearby hospital, they said.

The Hollywood Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation with the help of state, local and federal agencies. Three elderly residents were found dead on Wednesday inside the sweltering facility, which had been left without air conditioning, officials said. "And we will continue to see these numbers of losses grow over time". "We cared for them like family".

Key points of the nursing-home's account are contradicted by law enforcement and state officials, the Washington Post reported, including how aggressively the staff sought assistance and precisely when staffers called 911 as a patient went into cardiac arrest.

In the middle of the video, the camera moves into the hallway where a naked woman is hunched over on what appears to be a hospital bed.

CEO Jacob Solomon said the group encouraged people to evacuate before the storm if they could, but now they're focused on helping them in their homes. On Monday, FPL told the facility that it would be at there that morning, but later utility representatives said someone would come in the afternoon. Another 18 patients in an adjacent behavioral health facility also were evacuated. Authorities performed safety checks on other facilities around the city Wednesday.

Around the state, 81 nursing homes lacked electricity as of Wednesday night, according to the Florida Health Care Association.

A state inspection of the facility previous year found a series of violations including multiple "medication errors", "overflowing trash in bins", and general "disrepair" leaving many wondering why the facility was still open. Broward County said the home alerted officials about the situation on Tuesday, but when asked if it had any medical needs or emergencies, it did not request help. "We're going to be with you tomorrow and we're going to be with you until Florida rebuilds bigger and better than ever before", Pence said. It said on Tuesday nursing home workers made repeated calls to FP&L, which had not fixed the transformer. She said Bobby Owens had been at the facility for more than 10 years.

A spokesman for Scott's office, John Tupps, said "every call made to the governor from facility management was referred to the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Florida Department of Health and quickly returned".

"It is clear that this facility can not be responsible for Florida's vulnerable patients, and therefore the State will stop them from providing care", Scott said in a news release. Joe, what more do we know about the eight deaths at that nursing home? There was some opposition from nursing homes and hospitals over the cost of some of those regulations.

Scrutiny has also settled on the nursing home's owner, Dr. Jack Michel.

Federal law now requires that nursing homes be kept between 71 and 81 degrees and have a backup power source in case of emergency.

The nursing home fatalities brought Florida's death toll from Irma and its aftermath to 31.

"We throw our elderly away", Bendetta Craig, whose 87-year-old mother lived at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, said. The power generator was working, and the staff stocked up on seven days' worth of food and water.

Gov. Rick Scott ordered an emergency moratorium on Wednesday to prevent the facility from admitting new patients. But the extent of the damage has been an unanswered question for days because some places have been unreachable. "We rode out that awful storm in a shower that I had reinforced after Hurricane Marilyn", Benson added.

"She said, 'It's very hot in here, ' and the staff said, 'Yes, it is, '" Dean said. In addition, there are more than 3,100 assisted living facilities with more than 99,000 beds. She had visited her at the center just one day before her death.

By week's end, power was being steadily restored, many streets were cleared of debris, and cleanup was well underway.

Moulder's attorney, Bill Dean, said Moulder visited her mother on Monday and anxious about the heat.

Without central air conditioning, residents were kept in hallways near the cooling units.