Atlanta airport cancels 800 flights as weakened Irma hits Georgia


As a result, property owners wanting to inspect possible storm damage will have to sit tight.

Already, 140 flights in Atlanta had been canceled on Saturday and another 188 for Sunday - though many of those cancellations were on flights to or from Florida.

These changes were announced not long after customers accused airlines of trying to capitalize on Hurricane Irma by jacking up ticket prices. The airline which commands a 38 percent market share, said the resumption of normal schedules did not only depend on the airport's condition after Irma but also on the ability of their staff to get to work. Here is Miami International Airport.

American Airlines has cancelled over 2,200 domestic and worldwide flights in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Orlando, and West Palm Beach.

The company said it planned to cancel 1,000 flights Monday, many of which were to Florida and Caribbean airports that haven't yet reopened. The final flights took off just after 5:40 p.m. ET, according to FlightStats, and the airport won't resume commercial flying until Tuesday.

Central Florida airports are set to begin flights. For Monday alone, more than 1,200 flights have been grounded nationwide - almost all coming on flights to or from Florida and the Southeast.

Flights on JetBlue and Southwest from Orlando and Fort Lauderdale to Albany Friday and Saturday were sold out as relatives and friends of Capital Region residents were attempting to escape the hurricane.

Flyers are feeling the impact of Hurricane Irma. Delta said Sunday it was tentatively restarting Florida service Monday, pending an assessment of infrastructure damage. Delta to resume inbound service Monday evening.

It says some of its flights are severely disrupted - and there could be further changes or cancellations. The airline also temporarily paused baggage and pet-in-cabin fees for those airports.