Amazon's Next Fire TV Will Have Alexa Microphones Built


Amazon (AMZN) is set to launch two new Fire TV devices in October, according to a report from AFTVNews on Monday.

However, the larger, cube-like Amazon Fire TV, as leaked by AFTVNews, comes with Echo-style far-field microphones built into the set-top-box, and a glowing Alexa light around the edge to act nearly exactly like Amazon's hugely successful voice assistant operated speaker. The holes you see on top of the flagship Fire TV "accommodate its array of far-field microphones", allowing you to speak directly to the device rather than having to use a voice remote. It will support 4K HDR video at up to 60 fps and be positioned as a third model between the existing Fire TV Stick (low-end) and a new top-tier player.

The new Fire TV devices' support for 4K and HDR and their Alexa capabilities could help them better compete with the new Apple TV.

But even though Amazon has no obvious reason to mark down its entry-level in-house Android-powered gear, Prime members can save a pretty penny through Saturday on the "all-new" Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 slates again. This makes it more powerful than the 2nd generation Fire TV Stick, but still not as powerful as the 2nd generation Fire TV. The new high-end device could arrive in time for the holidays but may be pushed back to early 2018.

AFTWNews reported that the new Fire TV dongle would be announced this month, and go up for sale next month. A speaker built into the Fire TV allows you to hear responses from Alexa if your television is turned off. Although there are no technical details available (i.e. core count, clock speeds, RAM size), we do know that this will be a "Jack of All Trades" device with a cube-like shape.

The top of box has same buttons as the Echo Dot, including a mute button, action button, and volume controls, the leaked photo of the alleged device showed.