After quakes, Mexico volcano spews vapor and ash


"Those messages helped them know more or less where we were located", Pacheco said on Friday from her hospital bed, her voice weak.

As per reports, it was stated that Mexico City had 167 fatalities, Morelos had 73 and Puebla 45, while there were 13 in Mexico State, six in Guerrero and one in Oaxaca. Civil Defense chief Luis Felipe Puente reported the new death toll on Twitter and said 181 of the deaths came in the capital.

She lives in the nearby hilltop town of Cuernavaca, badly shaken by the quake, which killed more than 250 people throughout the country.

Among the dead in Mexico City, eight victims were foreigners, the city's morgue service announced.

"You feel fear. Before, earthquakes did not make me afraid, but now. thinking about all that could have happened in the building", Albarran said. But he adds, "Since Sept. 7 it has not stopped shaking".

The messages on Garcia's phone, seen by Reuters shortly after they were received on Wednesday, could have been delayed due to erratic cell phone coverage in parts of Mexico City after the quake, or the fact that Pacheco's phone signal was blocked by the tons of concrete that kept her trapped in the collapsed building. There also appeared to be more people offering psychological support. Tuesday More than 200 people were been killed after central Mexico was struck by a 7.1-magnitude natural disaster that destroyed dozens of buildings, officials said. It struck at 12:53 GMT (8.58pm Malaysia) with an epicentre 18km southeast of the city of Matias Romero, in the southern state of Oaxaca.

She says so far bosses are saying the building is fine.

MEXICO CITY (AP) - As the search continued Sunday for survivors and the bodies of people who died in quake-collapsed buildings in Mexico, thousands of people have been left homeless because their houses or apartment buildings are uninhabitable. "They are all moments that you wouldn't wish on anyone".

"We can't guarantee there is life but we can guarantee we'll turn over every last stone", Hernandez said.

Families have been sleeping in tents, accepting food and coffee from strangers, people have organised themselves to present a united front to authorities, who they pressed ceaselessly for information.

"We are all brothers right now really trying to help", said Ramon Aleman, a Las Vegas resident who attended the fundraiser with his two children. "We are working hand-in-hand with the navy, with the army, with the federal police", Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said.

Next to the ruins of four adjoining two-story homes that collapsed, a passerby was overheard saying as he pointed at the mound of bricks and mortar, "Well, now (US President Donald) Trump has a lot to build his (border) wall".