AAA: Michigan's average gas prices fall 12 cents


Gas prices remain steady in the Midland-Odessa area. "Gas prices in the southeastern US should drop another 5-10 cents this week".

According to GasBuddy, prices have fallen 8.6 cents per gallon in the past week to $2.41 per gallon average price.

Despite the drop, Florida drivers are still handing over 52 cents more per gallon than this time past year, illustrating the lagging effects of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey to the petroleum industry.

States with the highest average gas prices: California ($3.12), Hawaii ($3.06), Alaska ($3.04), Washington ($3.00), Nevada ($2.92), OR ($2.86), CT ($2.84), Pennsylvania ($2.81), NY ($2.76) and Idaho ($2.74).

That's 12 cents higher than the national average and 53 cents higher than the Rhode Island price a year ago.

When looking at the price in metro Detroit compared to previous years, it was $2.24 in 2016, $2.38 in 2015, $3.39 in 204, $3.44 in 2013 and $3.94 in 2012.

The drop in gas prices comes as flooded refineries continue to come back online after devastation caused by Harvey, industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey said Sunday. "Nationwide, it will take weeks or months to see gasoline inventories recover fully, but prices will continue to slowly drift lower as inventories improve", DeHaan said.

According to, gas is selling the cheapest today at USA Fuels on 23rd Street, where regular gas is priced at $2.36 per gallon.

Michigan's lowest average price was about $2.32 per gallon in the Saginaw, Bay City and Midland areas.