WWE SummerSlam 2017: 5 rumors you need to know


WWE Raw Women's Championship Match: Alexa Bliss defends her title against fan favourite Sasha Banks.

So, this is the debut SummerSlam of Young stars.

What will happen in the US title match?

Akira Tozawa will be facing Neville after his huge victory for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. That's why Inverse partnered with Unanimous A.I. to enlist a swarm of more than 30 of our wrestling-loving readers to predict the result of the SummerSlam title match between Mahal and challenger Shinsuke Nakamura. He is expected to win the title at some point, so it might as well be given to him during the SummerSlam event.

Raw tag-team championship match: Champs Cesaro and Sheamus face the reformed (sorta) Shield in Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

The WWE has four major shows every year.

It is a crime that this match has been relegated to the pre-show to the main card, but hopefully that will mean these two veteran tag teams will get extra time to put on the tag team master class they are capable of. On Wednesday, WWE announced the match would be part of the kickoff show.

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin: Corbin's seeming rise to the stop was stunted by his failed cash-in of his Money in the Bank contract, but a match versus the iconic Cena could provide a better lift anyway. Even if both duos restrain themselves for bouts down the line, they should still have one of the most memorable matches of the night. A win over Orton (who won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33 this April) could finally get him back on track and back to being taken seriously as a threat in the WWE.

-We are looking for correspondents for the GFW Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor events listed below along with any WWE SummerSlam related events. The "King of Strong Style" has fallen short of both fans and journalists high expectations since his post-WrestleMania call-up, largely due to the booking (i.e. Vince McMahon thinking Nakamura is a Prince cosplayer) and below-average matches with Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. He has made a hobby of throwing Roman Reigns around the ring and at SummerSlam, he's set to smash up Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe as well. The Miztourage faces Jason Jordan and The Hardy Boyz. Over on SmackDown Live, they'll be able to immediately enter the tag title scene against The New Day or The Usos, helping a division that desperately needs healthy bodies. "If he ever wants to come out of retirement, he will be the guy I want to locks horns with because he was my idol", he revealed when asked about his dream match. The two faced each other and it was Banks who won the opportunity to face Bliss at WWE SummerSlam.

Finn Bálor's demon king persona (full body paint and all) will return to television for the first time since he won the Universal title a year ago at SummerSlam.

Both need to start getting pushed, but WWE is not losing the invincibility of Balor's demon persona on Bray Wyatt. A rematch was then scheduled for WWE SummerSlam.

WWE Summerslam 2017 will air on Sunday, Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. EDT. "Where our seats are, you'd definitely see it, you'd hear the chants".

"We were talking about how Trump gave that insane press conference, and then thought about how he's in the WWE Hall of Fame even though Hulk Hogan got kicked out over racism", Stevens told us.