Walmart apologizes for 'truly horrible' back-to-school gun display


"We are working to identify the store involved".

The photo has been making the rounds on social media, drawing comments of outrage and mentions of school shootings.

Images widely shared on social media and forum website such as Reddit showed a display case filled with rifles along with a sign reading "own the school year like a hero". One person asked: "What are you suggesting?"

Walmart, for their part, did publicly apologize for the display, calling it very bad and saying they'd investigate how the sign got there in the first place.

Walmart issued an apology following the incident, saying through a spokesperson that 'What's seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores'. The chain quickly determined the sign was in Evansville, Indiana-though there's a question about that now-and the sign apparently was quickly removed.

The display at a Florida store, which was was designed and created by Coca-Cola and approved by Walmart, was shown under a banner "we will never forget", with other crates stacked up to resemble the American flag.

Crowson wouldn't say what proof the company had: Was an image manipulated?

This is not the first time Walmart has run into trouble with marketing mishaps. A photo showed boxes of stacked up to resemble the World Trade Center in what appeared to be an attempt to commemorate the September 11 attacks. A NY church, for instance, petitioned in 2014 to have a shareholder vote on whether the company should sell products that "endanger public safety and well-being".