Umpires end protest of alleged mistreatment


Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler (3) talks to an umpire after a strikeout against the Atlanta Braves in the first inning at Turner Field.

Joe West, the longest-tenured umpire in Major League Baseball, is the president of the World Umpires Association. "The player behavior "denigrates" - to use the umpires" term - the entire Major League Baseball. A press release on Saturday from the umpires said the "verbal attack on Angel denigrated the entire Major League Baseball umpiring staff and is unacceptable", and Kinsler received "lenient treatment" in being fined and not suspended.

Hernandez, working home plate, kicked Kinsler and Detroit manager Brad Ausmus out of Monday's game for arguing balls and strikes. I hope they wear the white wristbands for the rest of their careers.

"The Office of the Commissioner has failed to address this and other escalating attacks on umpires", the WUA said Saturday. To protest what the umps see as increasing disrespect, mistreatment and abuse by the players, the umpires union is lodging a visual protest by wearing white wristbands during games. The player who denigrated Hernandez publicly said he thought he would be suspended.

The protest began Saturday when the umpires wore the wristbands during games. He worked last year's National League Championship Series and the Division Series in 2011, 2012 and 2015. He shrugged that off and told reporters he has "no regrets" about his offensive statements calling for an end to Hernandez's career.

"The office of the Commissioner's lenient treatment to abusive player behavior sends the wrong message to players and managers", the World Umpires Association continued in its statement.

Umpire Bill Miller said after the Tigers-Dodgers game Saturday that Kinsler was "not the focus of the situation" and that there have been "several instances where umpires have been called out of challenged" by players and managers. We are held accountable for our performance every game.

Ausmus continued to express his anger with the statement by saying that "many things are said both ways" in player-umpire arguments.

According to the statement released from the Association's unverified account, which was created in August following Joe West's suspension, the group issued a "strong objection to the Office of the Commissioner's response to the verbal attacks".

Ausmus added that he felt it was ironic that the umpires were wearing white armbands when players aren't allowed to wear those.