Tom Cruise injured filming 'Mission: Impossible 6' stunt


Tom Cruise was injured during a stunt for "Mission: Impossible 6" when he jumped from rigging on to a building but appeared to miss his mark.

TMZ recently obtained footage of Cruise on the film's London set. He is able to hoist himself up, but walks with a visible limp before collapsing next to crew members.

The sixth installment in the Mission Impossible franchise is now shooting in London. At the time of reporting, Cruise's representatives had not answered requests for comment from outlets actively reporting on the situation, including The Hollywood Reporter.

Mission: Impossible 6 is due out on July 27, 2018.

Seeing how Cruise is integral to such an action-heavy movie, his inability to work due to this injury could greatly affect the production process, similar to what happened with Harrison Ford after suffering an injury while filming The Force Awakens.

Aside from Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise is also set to start working on a sequel to the hit movie Top Gun - 1986! "It's gonna be mind-blowing".

The extent of the injuries Cruise sustained this weekend isn't clear at the time of writing, but by the looks of the video, he suffered quite a bit of pain.

M:I 6 is being directed by script writer Christopher McQuarrie, who has previously worked with Tom on movies Jack Reacher, Edge Of Tomorrow and Valkyrie, and Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson will both reprise their roles from Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation as Alan Hunley and Ilsa Faust respectively.