Solar eclipse glasses offer protection from vision loss


Those interested in catching a safe view of the solar eclipse can stop by the Oak Park Public Library's viewing party August 21.

If you're planning on viewing the August 21 phenomenon, you'll want to have your eyes protected to prevent damage.

If you look at the sun without protective eyewear the solar radiation and thermal energy from the sun can burn the retinal tissue.

Stand so that when you look through the viewing hole, you can see a tiny circle of light on the image screen; that's the sun. "Usually what patients will experience would be a focal blank spot in their vision", said Dr. Stepien. "And this is a permanent loss". While sunglasses allow for better sight in sunny weather, solar eclipse glasses block out most light, making it very hard or impossible to do normal tasks while wearing them. This would thus be the best time to review the list of "reputable vendors" of solar filters and viewers that was recommended by the American Astronomical Society.

Solar eclipse glasses can be purchased at the 7-Eleven stores in San Luis Obispo and at Walmart in Santa Maria. You also need to get your eclipse glasses in advance.

Normal sunglasses will not protect your eyes, Frantz said.

Kathy McNeilly, second from right, director of the Oak Ridge Public Library, and library employees presented a pair of solar eclipse glasses to City Manager Mark Watson, center, on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017.