Skype Preview gives a look into new Skype


Microsoft Corp. rolled out its Skype redesign to mobile users in June, sparking a backlash from many users who hated the new design.

The truth is only for testers. This is because Microsoft intends for you to use the new Skype app built on UWP technologies, rather than legacy Win32 apps.

Microsoft notes that the desktop preview brings "most of the great features of our next generation mobile experience but is specifically designed with desktop in mind". Skype Preview features improvements to chat and group calling, with real-time screen and photo sharing. There are other innovations.

The Skype Desktop preview released today is not the same as the Universal Windows Platform version fo Skype for Windows 10. You can use the classic theme or go with a dark theme.

In Skype Preview when you want to start a chat, group or call you can do so by clicking the "+" icon in the top left. The new update isn't accessible yet on the customary Skype desktop application however can be gotten to through Skype Preview. You will now be able to address a particular person, something which can come in very handy in group chats and react via emojis to messages - a concept which was introduced by Facebook a while back.

Since this is a preview, it's critical that we hear from you; simply click the heart on the menu and send us your thoughts. In addition, the new visit display highlight will make it less demanding for users to monitor every one of the media records that have been shared on a specific talk.

New chat media gallery: It's easier to find your media content, like links and documents and photos, in a chat, thanks to the new chat media gallery.

Microsoft also plans to add the ability to share a video during a video call.