Robert Zemeckis Is Rebooting 'The Jetsons' As A Live-Action TV Sitcom


As reported by Variety, ABC now has a put pilot order for a live-action Jetsons TV show.

The original Jetsons, conceived as a futuristic counterpart to Hanna-Barbera's popular prehistoric family animated series The Flintstones, also was set 100 years in the future from its 1962 debut, or in 2062. While the cartoon envisioned a Googie-style future with flying cars and robotic household help when it premiered in 1962, the live-action sitcom promises to look at the gang "through a modern filter".

ABC and Warner Bros. A Jetsons reboot has been rumored for awhile now, with Robert Rodriguez attached to direct a new film adaptation at one point. It would follow the misadventures of George Jetson, Jane, his wife, Judy and Elroy, the daughter and son, and robotic house maid, Rosie. This new series will be directed by Conrad Vernon, a co-director of Sausage Party.

The new version will be written by Gary Janetti, who has background in both multi-camera and animated comedy series, having worked on NBC's Will & Grace and Fox's Family Guy.

Meet George Jetson - and he's not a cartoon anymore. The show comes from producer Robert Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Warner Bros who now owns the Hanna-Barbara library. It did spawn a sequel, without any of the cast from the original film, which was a total flop to both critics and fans.