Penn State fraternity member charged with student's death deleted video, detective says


District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said there's no chargeable culpability for Bream, and whether he approved or not doesn't excuse the liability of any defendants. Because Bream did not show up in court, there will be a contempt hearing for him later this month.

The fifth day of testimony in the preliminary hearing for the fraternity and 16 of its members wrapped up on Friday, and Sinclair said closing arguments will follow the contempt hearing.

Eighteen members of the now shuttered Beta Theta Pi fraternity have been charged.

Eight students and the fraternity are charged with involuntary manslaughter and other charges, while the remaining students face a mix of charges that include reckless endangerment, hazing, evidence tampering and furnishing alcohol to minors. Piazza's family and defense attorneys have questioned if Bream played a role in organizing the party and a hazing ritual known as The Gauntlet, and prosecutors have asked anyone with more information to come forward.

"Bream was in the middle of everything Bream was the one who was being paid by the fraternity to essentially be in charge of everything in that house", said Tom Kline.

Ambrose said he was recently granted a subpoena to have Bream testify, pennlive reported, but no date has been set.

DA Parks Miller objected to the defense attorneys" characterization of their clients as "adolescents" saying, "It's just a ploy to say, "These guys are too young to be held criminally responsible and Mr. 58-year-old should be responsible".

"Tim was thinking of a way to carry out the cover-up and prevent people from viewing the texts", Ambrose said, according to The detective said he believed he knew which fraternity brother deleted the footage but did not name the person.

But there was no video from the basement, where Piazza convened with others after the ceremony.

Scicchitano, earlier on Thursday, testified that video captured by a basement camera at a Penn State fraternity was deleted two days after Piazza died.

The basement was where he lay, drunk and severely bruised sometime in the course of the night.

The person suspected of deleting the footage hasn't been named.