Heading to OR for the solar eclipse? Better plan ahead


OR will be treated to the total eclipse first at 9:05 a.m. The sun is now completely covered by the moon, and the only part of the sun visible is it's corona, or atmosphere - which can only be seen during a total solar eclipse (the corona is pretty unbelievable: While the sun's surface temperature is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures in the corona rise to between three and four MILLION degrees!).

This forecast will no doubt change, but it's evident that several weather systems could come into play, ending the party in some spots by early that afternoon. It will be followed in 2024 by another total eclipse that runs from Texas to Maine. The public is invited to safely view the eclipse through telescopes with solar filters and special eclipse glasses.

Here in Lubbock, around 75 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon.

Only remove your solar eclipse glasses during the period of totality.

The total eclipse in America will be visible in 14 different states, according to NASA.

Montreal won't be the best place to see the solar eclipse, but it will definitely be visible.

For a list of reputable vendors and other safety advice for viewing the eclipse, NASA has more information on its website here.

"This path will go north to south, from Mexico, crossing this eclipse's path in Carbondale, Illinois going right over downtown Indianapolis, Indiana then heading over the great lakes into Canada", he said.

You can now take off your eye protection and look at the eclipsed sun because, at this point, daylight has faded into night.

But, by far, the most popular way is to wear solar eclipse glasses, which block out the harmful light from the sun, as well as nearly all other light.

We found 30 solar eclipse apps in the Apple iTunes app store and more than 70 in the Google Play store. It begins at 1:17 pm Monday August 21st, reach its peak at 2:38 pm and end at 3:53 pm.

Anything lower will allow your eyes to be damaged, but NASA says Shade 12 is darker than the filters used for most welding.

Where can the solar eclipse be seen? Similar devices, called eclipse viewers, provide the same effect, so long as they are properly certified.

The USA TODAY Network will be covering the eclipse in full force on August 21, from OR through SC, so stick with us for the latest. "So everyone is going to see this incredible part of the sun with their own eyes".