Google's Android O Rollout May Begin on Aug 21st


So - while I'll be very keen to see what Google cooks up with its Pixel 2 flagships in comparison with the hugely anticipated new iPhones, alongside with Samsung's new Note 8, set to make up for the smoulderingly unexpected Note 7 misadventures, one can only hope there are still people at work at Google doing technology stuff, rather than leaking against one another in the hope of everyone being fired. Since 2008 when Android was first launched, it became a tradition for major software updates to be initially released on Google-manufactured phones, especially the Nexus line. Here are the some of the Android O New features.

Android O was originally announced at Google I/O this year, and it was immediately followed by several developer previews so Google could speed things up for developers and hammer out last minute issues.

The Google Android O is going to have a number of great features.

It's also worth mentioning that even if Blass hadn't made this prediction, it seems likely that Google would be releasing Android O shortly anyway. Talking about enhanced battery performance, the background limits will put some restrictions on apps. Google engineers recently showcased Android Developer Preview 4.0 in Reddit AMA.

Since this supposed delay hasn't been addressed Google, it's possible that it might not be be a big deal. You will need to update your application for DP5, then create a new update and push it via the console yourself. Apart from developers, it is available for regular users as well. He didn't reveal the exact date of release yet. It won't just be a random 'oh hey here's a statue thing, ' the online publication's managing editor also said. Recently, some early adopters of the new OS versions potted an easter egg, which shows an Octopus.

Google released Developer Preview 5 of Android Things, adding Android O, OpenGL ES and WebView on the RPi 3, and support for an i.MX6 UL based "SprIoT" kit.