Cops Dispute Claim of New Evidence in R. Kelly Investigation


In a press conference Friday (Aug. 11), John Eaves revealed there has been new evidence uncovered by law enforcement, and an investigative file has been handed over to the district attorney.

RCA Records did not immediately respond to NBC Chicago's request for comment.

Eaves also addressed what he called "growing community pressure" to cancel a Kelly concert planned for August 25 in Atlanta in response to the allegations.

Fulton County DA Paula Howard said he felt it was inappropriate for Eaves to speak to the media about the case in the first place.

Should R. Kelly also be concerned about an investigation by Eaves?

However, according to TMZ, Johns Creek Police Department officials have denied Eaves' claims, insisting they are not planning to open an investigation. Live Nation is contracted to manage all concerts at Wolf Creek and Fulton County does not have legal right to cancel the concert. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard confirms there is no investigation into the singer regarding allegations he's holding several women against their will in his Atlanta home.

Eaves said "a lot of folks" contacted him and urged a more thorough probe.

The BuzzFeed report names three former members of Kelly's inner circle, who both said they had sexual relationships and lived with Kelly during the past five years.

"We gave them everything (we) had", Byers said. According to Jim DeRogatis' investigative piece, parents of the alleged victims filed reports with the police and Federal Bureau of Investigation, claiming the singer was running an "abusive cult" that was "tearing families apart".

The allegations emerged from parents of the young girls, with one of the alleged victims having since refuting the claims she was being held against her will, saying "I am not being brainwashed or anything like that". She also said she did not know the other woman mentioned by her family.

In his statement, Kelly called it "unlawful" for the government to interfere with citizens legally conducting business, and said public servants "should not target individual citizens for their own politically motivated purposes".

Kelly has adamantly denied the allegations however, suggesting the rumors are a "bunch of crap".