Cardinals announce Rally Cat Appreciation Day


The streaking Cardinals have won seven games in a row overall and, including the contest in which Molina hit the grand slam, have captured three straight victories since the cat appeared.

The team released a statement announcing the young gray tabby known as "Rally Cat" had disappeared after helping to lift the Cardinals to a win over the Kansas City Royals.

The Rally Cat has been found! He then let the cat down outside of Gate 3 near the Stan Musial statue and went immediately to first aid to attend to his scratch and bite injuries. As she left the ballpark, our security team caught up with her and asked her some questions. Rigley says Rally Cat is definitely not a feral cat and is a domesticated stray.

St. Louis, MO (KTRS) The famed Rally Cat may be have been found. St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach reports that a ca. But the woman who claimed the cat outside Busch Stadium quickly lost track of our furry friend, leaving a cute kitty wandering the city streets and many St. Louisians in a state of alarm. TRUE soon as I saw this cat run across the field I knew I needed to know where/what was going to happen to this kitten- I sprinted past numerous ushers asking do u know where they are putting this cat?.

Even if I, living with two decidedly lazy cats who are uninterested in sports beyond batting at the dudes running on the TV screen, do not understand the desirability of a loud, wide open field for a cat to lay in, I anticipate many more cat visits in sporting events in the future.