YouTube Video Editor and Photo slideshows to close September 20


The Google-owned video platform announced on Friday it will shut down its built-in Video Editor feature on September 20.

As YouTube is the most popular online video service in the world, you might not think that there are some features on the website that no one uses, but that's the case as far as the YouTube video editor and photo slideshows are concerned.

Apart from these two features, YouTube will keep the rest of the feature intact. But do note that YouTube's "Enhancements" feature, which let you trim, add subtitles, cards and filters, etc, will still work.

As the statement clearly indicates that the Google strategy is quite straight forward in terms of eliminating the old fashioned technology from their product line up. The video streaming giant claims the limited usage of YouTube video editor as the reason for discontinuation.

Never the less, not all editing options will be disappeared from YouTube platform.

Here's an unveiled caution for YouTube video editor users to finalize their projects before September 20.

It will be interesting seeing as this indirectly hints that Google is encouraging free video editors and paid third-party editing tools. After that you will no longer have access to projects in the Video Editor, but any videos already published with the Video Editor will not be affected.