Penn State suing former coordinator for almost seven figures


Tennessee officials said at the time of Shoop's hiring that he would handle the buyout with Penn State.

Penn State has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against former defensive coordinator Bob Shoop, saying he owes the university almost $900,000 for leaving before his contract ended. According to the clause, Shoop would owe Penn State 50 percent of his remaining base salary if he did not become a head coach at another program within one year of leaving.

Shoop came to the Penn State football program with head coach James Franklin in 2014 and in January 2015 signed a contract that ran through February 15, 2018.

The suit was originally filed in Centre County court in June, according to PennLive, but it was transferred to U.S. Middle District Court on Monday. The University is seeking close to $900,000 from Shoop.

Had Shoop left to become a head coach with just a year left on his contract, he would have been in the clear. "Shoop, however, has not made any payment, and, through counsel, has indicated a refusal to make such payment". Despite the language of the contract-both Shoop's contract and the lawsuit can be viewed in full at the bottom of this post-Shoop's legal team told Penn State he does not intend to pay back the school, according to the lawsuit.

Shoop's deal with Tennessee stated that he was exclusively responsible for any damages or buyouts involved with Penn State.

Zach Stripe, director of UT football communications, declined to say if the Vols were surprised by the suit or if the school would help Shoop pay the $891,856 PSU contends he owes. Co-defensive coordinator Brent Pry replaced Shoop.

Shoop accepted the same position at Tennessee in January 2016-two years and a month before his three-year contract with the Nittany Lions was due to expire. Penn State ranked No. 37 in total defense last season, while Tennessee ranked No. 95.