Chris Christie gets in heckler's face at Brewers game


Hutchison began recording video at the end of the confrontation.

That's when Hutchison, who is related to Joseph, flipped on his video camera.

Christie then shot back, getting in Joseph's face while grasping tightly to his cheesy snack, saying "Yeah, you're a big shot".

The full context of the conversation is unclear and we're left only with Christie telling the fan that he is a "big shot" with huge sarcasm before departing.

According to WISN, the fan, Brad Joseph, shouted a little heckling Christie's way. Christie, whose son works for the Milwaukee Brewers, turned around and got into Joseph's face. He was quite a bit passed me, and 30 feet away I yelled his name and told him that he sucked.

"First he told me, 'Why don't you have another beer?' which I thought was a decent come back, and I thought that was kind of amusing", he told the station.

The last time Christie was spotted at an Major League Baseball game, he was roasted by an announcer and heavily booed by fans.

Christie was in Milwaukee this weekend to watch the Brewers and Cubs, and was at Friday night's series opener.