Who could fire special counsel Robert Mueller


President Donald Trump interviewed Robert Mueller as a potential replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey the day before the former FBI director was named special counsel, a White House official said Tuesday.

A Trump friend who was spotted visiting the White House on Monday later told a PBS interviewer that the president was indeed mulling over firing Mueller.

One of President Trump's lawyers on Sunday would not rule out that the special counsel overseeing the Russian Federation criminal investigation could get fired. Online news mogul Chris Ruddy said: "I think he's weighing that option ..."

Ruddy told PBS he thinks firing Mueller "would be a very significant mistake, even though I don't think there's a justification. for a special counsel".

"I won't mince words, " Leahy told Rosenstein on Tuesday. "I never said I had a conversation", Ruddy said on CNN.

Who is Christopher Ruddy, and why does he know what the president is thinking? . Since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from anything related to the 2016 election, that authority would fall on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is standing behind Mueller. "And for this president, if he does decide to [fire Mueller], it would be a big problem for him politically".

The news comes on the eve of Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committe on the Russian Federation investigation.

The ploy worked. Rosenstein, who was handling the investigation because Sessions had already recused himself based on his involvement in the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, came under enormous political pressure to appoint a special counsel.

He has brought to the White House the values of a failed Atlantic City casino owner turned reality-TV star.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter offered a similar message, tweeting, "Now that we know TRUMP IS NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION, Sessions should take it back & fire Mueller".

Gingrich is correct that there is a certain partisan tilt to the team of top-notch investigators being assembled by the ex-FBI director: Jeannie Rhee, Michael Dreeben, Andrew Weissmann and James Quarles are renowned in their fields and have made repeated donations to Democrats.

If the president has "full prosecution power in Article II", why would he be bound by the statute to direct the deputy AG to fire Mueller instead of doing it himself?

Ruddy noted Tuesday morning in an email to Politico that Spicer "doesn't deny my claim the President is considering firing Mueller" and that Ruddy never claimed to have spoken with Trump about Mueller.

Mueller, who was appointed to oversee the investigation last month, was roundly praised by Democrats and Republicans as the right person for the job, but Trump was not pleased.

Rosenstein would have to report any such action to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, but there is little written that outlines what, exactly, Mueller could be fired for.

Ryan was asked what he would suggest if he were advising Trump. "With respect to this subject, only the president or his attorneys are authorised to comment".

However, Gingrich said that Mr. Trump is "actually pretty confident" in the investigation and "ultimately, he's still going to be president and this stuff is all going to go away".

Mueller has served multiple presidents in both parties.

There was grumbling among some members of Congress. Rep. Kevin Cramer said he believed Mueller's investigation should be dissolved because there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump administration and Russian Federation.

"If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller", the California lawmaker tweeted.