'Qatar siege, intimidation & sanctions' unacceptable for Iran - Rouhani


The administration would be unlikely to ignore his resistance to the arms sales, and US officials said they considered his statement part of a broader effort to solve the Qatar crisis.

QNA said that the rights body had "noted that these violations were shown in several ways, such as not allowing Qatari students to complete exams at the end of the academic year, and refused to give them certificates of graduation and the closure of their educational accounts as well as the termination of their registration arbitrarily without giving reasons".

Tillerson said that the "series of requests presented by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE" at least partly provides "a basis for ongoing dialogue leading to resolution".

"The siege cannot be subject to restrictions or conditions because it is in contravention of worldwide agreements and human rights conventions", it said. Qatar should cut ties with Iran, stop its support for the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical groups, shut down its Al Jazeera global TV network, close a military base housing Turkish troops on its territory and pay a fine, according to the ultimatum, AP reported. He called for Qatar and the other Arab countries to "sit together" to work through the list.

A Turkish foreign ministry statement Sunday reiterated that the deployment of Turkish troops in Qatar contributed to regional security and was not aimed at a specific country. Tillerson called on all parties to lower their rhetoric and to seek unity in the fight against terrorism.

"Tehran stands with the Qatari nation and government". Kuwait handed the list of collective demands to Doha on Thursday, according to Qatar News Agency.

As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Corker plays a central role in these sales.

The four countries have reportedly given Qatar a 10-day deadline in which to meet their demands. "In this context NHRC urged the state of Qatar not to accept those demands", the article said.

Tillerson said in a statement Sunday that several of the demands Saudi Arabia and the other countries have placed on Qatar "will be very hard to meet".

Al-Thani reportedly hailed Iran as an "Islamic power" and criticized US President Donald Trump's policy towards Tehran on a news website.

The US maintains its largest concentration of military personnel in the Middle East at Qatar's Al Udeid Air Base.