Iran's policy is to strengthen ties with Qatar, Rouhani says


The Arab states are demanding, among other things, that Doha close Al Jazeera television, curb ties with Iran, shut a Turkish base and also pay reparations. "It is about limiting Qatar's sovereignty, and outsourcing our foreign policy", Sheikh Saif bin Ahmed Al Thani, director of the Qatari government's communications office, said in a statement on Friday.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has rejected a Saudi-led blockade of Qatar and said he wants to bolster ties with the Persian Gulf emirate, his website said on June 26.

"We believe our allies and partners are stronger when they are working together towards one goal which we all agree is stopping terrorism and countering extremism".

However, Tillerson said the proposals provided a basis for dialogue leading to a solution of the crisis.

"We consider these demands are against worldwide law", Erdogan was quoted as saying in Istanbul by the state-run Anadolu Agency.

Turkey's president said his country "admires and embraces" Qatar's attitude, while slamming the demands by arguing they contradict global law.

Tillerson also urged all sides to "lower" their rhetoric to ease tensions, and said that the USA would stay in "close contact" with all parties and support Kuwait in its mediation efforts. ".This approach of 13 demands is against worldwide law because you can not attack or intervene in the sovereignty of a country".

In a letter sent to Mr Tillerson on Monday, Mr Corker said he had been pleased with Mr Trump's recent trip to Saudi Arabia, where he attended a summit of the Gulf Co-operation Council.

"Just like the presence of other foreign military bases or units in other countries of the region, our military presence in Qatar is principally based on a decision taken by the two countries relying on their sovereign rights", he said.

The United States has described the 13 demands made of Qatar as "difficult to meet".

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt imposed a boycott on Qatar three weeks ago, accusing it of backing militants - then issued an ultimatum, including demands that it shut down a Turkish military base in Doha. The US state department, however, upbraided Saudi Arabia soon after for failing to come up with a justification for the embargo.

On June 5, the nations put tight sanctions on Qatar, cutting off all land sea and air travel and pulling out troops and diplomats, citing the nation's ties to Iran.

"The demands aim to achieve regional countries' stability, stand firmly against foreign interference and stop support for terrorist organisations", it said.