Emmett Till Sign Vandalized Again


A Mississippi Freedom Trail sign in Money, where 14-year-old Till was kidnapped and killed in 1955, had large parts of its text and photos scraped off by Monday morning.

A historical marker in Money, Mississippi honoring Till has been vandalized, according to MSNewsNow.com.

The first time occurred in May, when vandals scratched the marker up with a tool.

Hammons further noted that traffic signs are common vandalism targets.

Hammons told Reuters: "Who knows what motivates people to do this?" "Vandals have been around since the beginning of time".

Members of a tour group recently discovered that vinyl panels containing photos and writings about Till had been peeled off the back of the metal marker located outside Bryant's Grocery & Meat Market where Till was accused of whistling at a white woman. The 14-year-old teen was murdered in MS during a visit in the summer of 1955. Bryant's husband and another man allegedly abducted the 14-year-old before beating and mutilating him and then throwing him in a river with a cotton gin fan to weigh him down.

Till's mother, refusing to cover up the horror of what happened, insisted upon an open casket at her son's funeral.

Another sign, marking the spot where Till's body was pulled from a nearby river, was pockmarked with gunfire in 2016.

The two men were ultimately acquitted of Till's kidnapping and murder by an all-white jury, though they later publicly confessed to the killing "in a paid interview with Look magazine", the AP reported. "Again. We have a long way to go", Wilson Jr. wrote on Facebook.

Hammons told NBC that the Freedom trail maker in Money cost more than $8,000 and will cost at least $500 to fix.

In The Blood of Emmett Till, Carolyn Donham tells author Timothy B. Tyson, that she gave testimony about Till grabbing her around the waist and using obscenities, "but that part is not true".

He also said that it will cost about $500 to fix the sign.