ARMS version 1.1.0 adds spectating and LAN play


Also adds a spectator mode.

Added as part of its version 1.1 update, this will allow players to hook up two nearby Switches using a wired LAN adapter, which will cut down on any lag - a necessity for the more serious competitive scene where every millisecond matters. Each character has a set of elongated arms that allow you to reach across the stage, hitting the other opponent. This will essentially be a 1v1 mode, however what's interesting is that other players are able to spectate the match.

But yes, the big headline improvements here will be the LAN support and spectator mode.

Considering Nintendo's standpoint of local and split screen gaming, LAN support has been one highly requested feature. On the Top Menu, click and hold the Left Stick and then press L+R to switch between "Local" and "LAN Play". Up to four players can be in the arena, and players not now fighting watch as spectators.

Nintendo's modern day Punch Out, Arms, has gotten an update that adds a few new features that fans are sure to enjoy.

ARMS is a fighting game with a twist.

The final change introduced is actually kinda amusing: in the story mode, Biff would sometimes say "AMRS Grand Prix" instead of "ARMS Grand Prix", which has now been fixed.

Arms version 1.1 will be automatically downloaded and installed the next time you launch the game. Choose to participate in an Arena match and everyone in a lobby will take it in turns to prove their mettle in 1-on-1 battles.