You can now check Facebook, Messenger and Instagram notifications in one place


The features will start rolling out to both iOS and Android starting this week, so keep you eyes peeled. It is unclear if this is a feature that will be sticking around or if Facebook could decide to ditch it, but what do you guys think? These tabs, as one example, isolates users who are active that moment, making it easier to find who is online versus those who aren't now available.

Now check your Instagram, Messenger and Facebook notifications by tapping on your profile.

Also, you can now make group payments on Messenger, or benefit from other options of the newly introduced digital assistant.

Another new feature in the revamped Messenger app is the red dot that appears when one of the sections in the app has new activity. The bottom bar will also have a red dot to show you that you missed something and so you can catch up on it.

Facebook has launched a latest feature to make their users life easy.

The feature, which is now being tested by select iOS users, will allow people scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeed to tap one button and access any new Instagram and Messenger notifications at once.

Messenger logo and chat app is replaced with your profile picture with notifications.

For many people, the Facebook family of apps will take up a large amount of real-estate on their smartphones.

When pressed, a small tray appears from the bottom of the screen and allows the other services to be seen, along with their notification numbers. We really hope this feature does not roll out as a compulsion; because frankly, switching between apps is something users are capable to do on their own also.

How Will This Help Facebook And Its Apps?

Facebook explains that the new design is meant to better highlight the many other ways that people connect and communicate, beyond text messages. Users will be able to either swipe through all of the tabs or tap them.