Woman eats Botulism-tainted nachos from California gas station


Sacramento County woman who purchased nacho cheese from a gas station dispenser has been sent to the Sutter Medical Center for nearly a month after being diagnosed with botulism, a serious illness that can result in paralysis, moreover, she had breath difficulty.

She is one of at least five people being treated at area hospitals after contracting botulism that Sacramento County health investigators have linked to the nacho cheese served by Valley Oak Food and Fuel.

Five people have been hospitalised after eating nacho cheese from a petrol station in Sacramento, California.

Botulism is a paralytic illness caused by a bacterial nerve toxin, says an update from county officials. In fact, health officials from Sacramento County claim that five other people have been diagnosed with botulism and they can be tied to Valley Oak Food and Fuel.

Botulism is a potentially fatal poisoning that is caused by eating foods that have been contaminated with the botulinum toxin.

Kelly's family on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the shop for negligence, product liability and breach of implied warranty.

Lavinia Kelly, 33, is not able to speak or breathe on her own and has been her in an intensive care unit, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Kelly fell sick after she purchased a bag of Doritos at the gas station, she then drizzles the nachos with nacho cheese sauce which was available at the station for the customers.

Theresa Kelly said she immediately knew something was wrong when her vibrant little sister Lavinia called her nearly a month ago.

Officials have stripped the gas station of its permit to sell food and drinks.

Lavinia Kelly remains on a ventilator in intensive care in Sacramento after being sickened at an area gas station.

Calls made Thursday to Valley Oak Fuel and Food by HuffPost were not returned. (The gas station) should have been more aware. Employees have not responded to requests for comment.

Botulism, caused by a toxin found in bacterial spores, can cause paralysis in its worst cases. Symptoms include blurry vision, slurred speech, muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing. He told the newspaper that most cases of botulism are associated with home canning.

A Go-Fund-Me page has been created to help with Kelly's medical bills and to support her three kids.

"The source of the food product may be unrelated to the gas station", he added. In 2014, there were 161 cases of botulism in the United States, and just 15 of them "were food-borne".