US State Department summons Turkish ambassador over violence outside Turkish mission


Turkey has long complained that USA policy against Islamic State in Syria has favoured the YPG over Arab rebel forces, a policy that Turkish officials believe is driven partly by Washington's envoy to the worldwide coalition against the jihadist group. A man with a bullhorn is repeatedly kicked in the face. The statement said that the US communicated its concerns to the Turkish government "in the strongest possible terms". He said police were examining video to identify those responsible.

"Our president told his counterpart, clearly and plainly, that we would continue combatting YPG", Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told private NTV television Thursday while discussing Tuesday's meeting between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Donald Trump.

Tharoor talked to NPR's Audie Cornish during Wednesday's All Things Considered. However, some analysts say that diplomatic immunity does not apply to the security detail traveling with a foreign leader.

"Just a year ago, when Erdogan was back in the States for a summit on nuclear security, at Brookings, outside Brookings, [in Washington, D.C.], there were similar protests and similar unseemly scenes of clashes along Massachusetts Avenue".

"He has, in many senses, further deeply divided Turkey and builds his politics on a kind of very vehement nationalism that leads to these kinds of scenes among the diaspora overseas".

Erdogan would like the USA to extradite Fethullah Gulen back to Turkey, as they blame him for the failed coup in Turkey July 15 of previous year.

In a statement, the Turkish Embassy blamed the violence on the demonstrators, saying they were "aggressively provoking Turkish-American citizens who had peacefully assembled to greet the President".

"The actions seen outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC stand in contract to the First Amendment rights and principles we work tirelessly to protect every single day", a police statement said.

"We should throw their ambassador the hell out of the United States of America", McCain said.

The Metropolitan Police Department said it had arrested two people for assault and identified them as USA residents, 49-year-old Ayten Necmi of NY and 42-year-old Jalal Kheirabadi of Virginia.

But U.S. military officials in both administrations have concluded that Turkey has not provided a plausible alternative to the military plan that relies on the Kurdish fighters.

Turkey's foreign minister on Thursday called on the Trump administration to replace its envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition - the latest sign of Turkish frustration with the US war strategy in Syria and of mounting tensions between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

"If Erdogan's bodyguards who participated in this attack have entered the country on diplomatic visas, those visas should be revoked right away", Lofgren said on Wednesday, slamming Erdogan as "authoritarian" and "an oppressor" and said that it was "unwise" for Trump to meet with him.

Protest organizer Seyid Riza Dersimi, 61, told The Post that he was injured in the violence and needed stitches.

Cavusoglu said Turkey received US assurances that arms sent to the YPG would be used only against IS, without explaining how this would be monitored. "The American police let them attack us".