Three years on, Modi remains people's PM but key issues remain unaddressed


The survey tilted in favour of Modi Government even in the odd situations like law and order is not in right direction, the rise in price and employment challenges in the country.

GST has certainly gone down well with people and they seem to be on Modi's side on this one. Almost half of the people (49 per cent) said that corruption had not reduced since demonetisation and 51 per cent of people believe that demonetisation was a decision in right direction.

Mr. Raja alleged that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had a tacit understanding with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is two percentage points down from the last year's survey, when 46 per cent people held that opinion.

The result throws up an interesting picture: the Modi government remains popular with the majority of people, but there is a growing worry on the key economic factors like jobs creation, crime against women and children, prices of essential commodities and cost of living, optimism about future, healthcare facilities and services, cleanliness in cities and the effect of demonetisation in reducing corruption.

"59% believe Govt on track to deliver to promises made in pre-election manifesto", read the release issued by LocalCircles.

Over the past one year, dissatisfaction with the government has risen by three per cent points with 39 per cent of people saying that the Modi government's performance was below expectation.

At the same time, the survey finds that if last year 34% citizens approved of the way India handled Pakistan, this number jumped nearly 2-folds to 64% this year due to, to quote from the report, "the strict measure taken by the government in the last 1 year". This is up from 38 per cent a year ago, a substantial rise.

Whether, cracking down of black money has been successful after note ban exercise - 51% said it has while another 37% disagreed. Further, the report finds that 81% citizens - down from 90% last year - "feel that India's image and influence in the world has improved under the leadership of the current government in the last 3 years". But before that only 34 per cent approved of the way India handled Pakistan. The three-year governance poll was carried out over three weeks.