The romper for men is here


This group of friends from Chicago started a crowd funding page on kickstarter hoping to raise $10,000 to fund the design and production of the male romper (known as a "romphim").

The phrase "male romper" seemingly wasn't masculine enough, so RompHip-coined by the founders of ACED Design (Alex, Chip, Elaine, and Daniel)-was born.

Ladies and gentlemen (mainly gentlemen), introducing the RompHim, otherwise known as the latest piece of summer fashion we didn't know we needed until right now. That's when they decided that a romper would be all the fun and style in a comfortable, tailored one-piece outfit. "Red #Romphim let me talk to you for a second...."

Look, I'm all for people wearing whatever they want.

According to its creator, ACED Design, the short onesie is created to "turn heads and break hearts, while also being "so much more". That same year, American designer Michael Bastian and Parisian brand Jean Paul Gaultier did the same.

"Unless a guy is a gas station attendant, a mechanic, in jail or a toddler, he should not wear a romper", Verdi says. They were looking to raise $10,000, and so far, they've raised nearly $70,000. No matter how ahistorical, gender condescending or, most importantly, terribly designed, RompHim is-it's happening.

It features front pockets, an adjustable waist for all shapes and sizes, a zippered back pocket and a zipper fly.