Tesla's Solar Roof gets a price


A Tesla solar roof for a two-story, 2,000-square-foot home in NY state would cost around $50,000 to install after federal tax cuts, and would generate $64,000 in energy savings over 30 years, according to the company's solar roof calculator.

The move comes as part of a long-term goal of Tesla to offer one-stop shopping for solar panels and home batteries in addition to cars, Musk said late a year ago.

Glass tiles will be available in the USA later this year, beginning with gray smooth glass and black textured glass versions, Tesla said.

Notably, Tesla says that a Solar Roof will be cheaper than a traditional non-solar roof.

Installing one will cost $21.85 (£16.90) per square foot, which Tesla says is the price of fitting a regular roof.

This translates to about AU$320 a square metre.

Tesla announced the solar roof panels, which are meant to be a sleeker and more attractive version of regular solar panels, at a Los Angeles event in October 2016. According to CNBC, the firm also created a "Solar Roof calculator" that enable customers to calculate the cost of an installation.

The product is a cornerstone of Musk's strategy of selling a fossil-fuel-free lifestyle to consumers with electric cars, home batteries, and solar.

Unlike more conventional solar panels - large black cells - these can be created to look like regular roof tiles. Then they wrap in offsets like local tax credits and the money saved on your electric bill to give you a final cost after 30 years.

Consumers in the USA can secure their Solar Roof order now on Tesla's website with a payment of $1,000.

Available styles from left to right: Tuscan glass, slate glass, textured glass and smooth glass.

This afternoon, pre-orders are going live ($1,000 deposit, refundable if you change your mind before signing the final contract).

For specific details on costs to install in your own home, Tesla has an online Solar Roof calculator that lets you research based on your location, the amount of energy consumption, and other factors.

The product, which Tesla will offer through its SolarCity division, will be a no-brainer for homeowners, Musk has said.

"Solar Roof complements a home's architecture while turning sunlight into electricity", the company said in a blog post.

"I think it will be great", the billionaire tweeted.

He also confirmed that deployment - i.e. delivery and installation - will be this year in the U.S., and in 2018 for overseas orders.

The company will handle everything during the installation process including the removal of your existing roof through design, permitting, installation, operations, and maintenance of your new Solar Roof.

Also unknown is whether or not Tesla will begin offering Powerwall batteries in more countries with the launch of its solar roof. Musk chimed in: "This is much like the way we sell the cars, when you buy a Tesla auto there's no haggling, you don't have to worry about if you're getting a good deal or bad deal".